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India Ministry

We have been working in India since 2016. In fact, this is where we went on our first mission trip. We had never seen such massive amounts of poor and hurting people as we had there. After we saw his, we could never turn our backs. Two years later we planted our first church. This was the start of our India ministry and the expansion of what and who we are today.

We have the most leaders and house churches in India, since it has so many people. It is also one of the most unreached places in the world. It is relatively easy for Hindu people to accept Jesus, but not His entire teaching. Since they believe in many different gods, it's not hard for them to add Jesus to their god list. It's a little harder to get them to only believe in Him and reject all the other gods of their religious culture. Many of them are though!

One Way Ministries India Ministry

  • 1,500+ house churches

  • 150+ leaders that oversee at least one church

  • 1 public school/Training center

  • 2 Sewing Centers for women ministry

  • TV Show on 2 networks on 3 local and cable channels in two states, Bihar & Chhattisgarh

  • House Church networks in 11 Indian states

Interested to go on a mission trip? Go to our Mission Trips for Adults page. 

Facts About India

India's main religion is Hinduism. You can have as many gods as you want in Hinduism. There are millions of gods to choose from. Some say there are 33 million and others say 330 million gods. The idea of 33 million gods came when India had a population of 33 million people. There is something called as "Ishta Devata" in Hinduism which means they can create a god if they don't like any of the current ones. Currently the population of India is 1.39 billion but the most common god and goddess's have been decreased to about a dozen.

  • Population of 1,395,346,232 (WorldOMeter,)

  • Unreached population 1,326,545,000 (95.6%) (Joshua Project)

  • 2nd most populated country, with China being the 1st

  • 17.7% of the world population live in India

  • 2,379 people groups (Joshua Project)

  • 2,142 (90.0%) unreached people groups (Joshua Project)

  • 239 languages (Joshua Project)

  • 29 states and 7 union territories

India Top Religions

India Christian Ministry
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